The exhibition booth is 2M-17. This place is the front of the east #2 entrance and next to Chubu Electric Power’s big booth.

This year、in addition to demonstrating the refrigerant cooling effect of “Miracle Coil”, we are also exhibiting the operation of the heat pump type heating for EV.

The heating by “Miracle Coil” is the technology opened for the first time.
Using “Miracle coil”, we were able to turn the refrigerant R134a to a unusually high temperature of about 100℃. This technology makes it possible to convert the refrigerant to high temperature gas almost without being affected by cold outside temperature.
In the experiment, we masks the surface of the outside unit and its function is almost suppressed.  (The outside unit works as the condenser at cooling and as the evaporator at heating.) “Miracle Coil” works as an expansion valve and an evaporator in the heat pump cycle.

Regarding experimental result at our laboratory, please see HeatingExperiment.pdf.