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What is “Miracle Coil”

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It is now possible to significantly reduce power consumption by simply adding “Miracle Coil” to the liquefied refrigerant piping from the condenser of the cooling system.

Important features of “Miracle Coil”

  • By rotating the refrigerant liquefied by the condenser at high speed,
    “Miracle Coil” accelerates the heat transfer from the pipe wall, the
    enthalpy is decreased, the cooling of the refrigerant progresses, and
    the refrigeration capacity is increased.
  • “Miracle Coil” is installed in the middle of the refrigerant piping. Additional electrical works etc. are unnecessary at all.

Environmentally friendly “Miracle Coil”

  • “Miracle Coil” does not use electricity, so there is no noise problem.
  • Space will not be affected by installation in the refrigerant piping.
  • Even in the process of manufacturing “Miracle Coil”, CO2 emissions are minor, so it is environmentally sound.

Contributions to cost reductions by “Miracle Coil”

  • “Miracle Coil” helps to save your electricity expense to a large extent.
  • Please consider “Miracle Coil” for energy saving and cost reduction.


Verification Videos of supercooling effect

■Video【1】Test in winter condition (Fluid temperature goes down Max.2℃.)


■Video【2】Test in summer condition (Fluid temperature goes down Max.7℃.)


※Details of equipment used for supercooling verification↓↓↓

Test machine details for demonstration experiment


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